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Microsoft SharePoint is a common platform for Enterprise content Management and Collaboration. It allows Designers, reviewers and approvers to centrally store, manage and access documents across enterprise. These centrally stored documents can be given access to external partners like vendors, suppliers, customers, etc.
Though SharePoint can store multiple documents like 2D drawings, 3D models, BOM in excel. It becomes one more application for design engineers to learn. Also SharePoint provides a common space for engineers and non-engineers to store document, workflow for those documents, control version of documents, publish documents to other users.
To remove or minimize separate application being trained to engineers and to have such functionality inside AutoCAD we have developed CCSSPL connector utility which provides SharePoint functionality inside AutoCAD. Being in the AutoCAD space and trained more than 5,00,000 professionals for more than 25 years we understood the pain points of users and have come out with CCSSPL connector utility for AutoCAD.

CCSSPL connector utility should be the best in market for the following reasons:
1. CADD Centre strong background in AutoCAD space
2. Lowest price in the market
3. Best and world class support
4. Customized build solution to meet specific needs of every customers.

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