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DraftSight is ZERO-COST 2D CAD software that lets you create, edit and view DWG(AutoCAD) files. It's easy to use, should take just a few minutes to download and supports Microsoft. Windows XP., Windows Vista., Windows. 7 (General Release), Mac. and Linux.** (Mac and Linux currently in Beta).


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SolidWorks Premium further expands on the capabilities of SolidWorks Professional to deliver the flagship 3D solution in the SolidWorks family.Rich simulation capabilities let users test product performance against real life motion and forces. Tolerance stack up analysis ensures manufacturability and helps resolve complex assembly issues early in the design process. Extended toolsets help layout and document electrical wiring, piping, and tubing, and let you quickly incorporate PC board data into the 3D model. SolidWorks Premium can also work with 3D scanned data. You get all the benefits of a complete 3D design solution with SolidWorks Premium.


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Education Mechanical ZWCAD

ZWCAD is a cost-effective, DWG file format compatible CAD solution for the AEC and MCAD industries. With basic drafting functionalities such as creating and editing 2D geometric objects, dimensioning, 3D solid modeling, plotting and file sharing, ZWCAD also provides innovative, collaborative and customizable features to enhance your efficiency, such as design center, tool palettes and customization via APIs

Today, ZWCAD is popular with more than 180,000 users in over 80 countries.
1.Affordable price
The closest AutoCAD. experience and functionalities only at around one-fifth (1/5th) of its price.
2. Easy to learn and use with friendly user interface
The Windows-style user interface of ZWCAD arranges the menus, toolbars, command line, and dialog boxes in a way that is familiar to Windows users.
This lets you begin working with ZWCAD right away with no re-learning cost.

3. Powerful drafting & detailing tools
Use common drafting tools, such as Layer, Dimension, Snap and Trim.
Employ advanced tools, such as Parametric Drawing, Design Center, Tool Palettes, and MLeaders.
Access useful 3D modeling and editing functions, and powerful renderings that create realistic visuals.

4. Easy file sharing
Save drawings in native .dwg and DXF format.
Export and plot drawings to PDF, DWF , JPEG, PNG and other popular formats.
5. Better APIs
Employ compatible APIs (application programming interfaces) through LISP, VBA, ZRX and SDS.
Migrate existing application to ZWCAD in just a few steps.
Run more than 80 applications on ZWCAD, with more coming soon.
6. Strong investment in product development
Our offices located in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, and Melbourne, and are staffed with some 400 people, of which 150 are technical and R&D engineers dedicated to working on CAD/CAM solutions for users.

7. Large customer base
Reliable and Stable - ZWCAD is mature 2D and 3D CAD software that has been developed and enhanced for over 10 years by Autocad/CAD veterans who have been in CAD business for over 20 years.

8. Free 5-star service
More than 200,000 happy and productive ZWCAD users across the world in Americas, Europe, and Asia. Supported by 360+ employees, 100 developers, and 70 partners.

9. Available in 15 languages and local support in over 80 countries
ZWCAD is available in 15 languages including simplified and traditional Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.

10. FREE full-function 30-day trial

"100% Functionality for 90% of Mainstream AutoCAD Users at Less Than One-fifth (1/5th) the Price."ZWCAD is a powerful AutoCAD Alternative CAD Software for 2D and 3D CAD with native DWG format. ZWCAD offers the closest AutoCAD user experience, is the most stable among all alternatives, and assures you of unrivaled compatibility with AutoCAD. & Windows. including Windows 7. With such capability, it is easy see why the success of your CAD projects has never been this easy. At one-fifth (1/5) the price.

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